As a global bridge between the UK and other countries, to guide the investment and trade processes of the companies in these countries and to make them mutually benefit from various opportunities, as well as to provide them with opportunities in the UK by offering consultancy to investors and entrepreneurs.

• To bring entrepreneurs who want to trade and invest in the UK with UK companies that do business in the product and service categories they are looking for,
• To guide entrepreneurs to establish business in the UK and to provide consultancy services in all processes
• Market research for entrepreneurs who want to take part in the UK market, to bring business delegations to support,
to organize bilateral or inter-delegate meetings
• Trade and investment consultancy for companies that want to trade and invest in the UK.

EXPRESS CONSULTANCY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED is an ambitious, experienced and trustworthy investment and consultancy company that provides the services that entrepreneurs and investors need in all stages of trade and investments aimed at realizing in the UK.